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The lastest version is version 3.1(10-02-2005)

Older versions can be downloaded via Sourceforge

To make use of the webservice, try using one of the following programs (or with a little network programming, design your own program to connect to ABC using the following protocol):

Source Code

Other Languages package

Note as of 07-13-2004: with the new language format introduced in 2.6.9, releasing a new language no longer requires recompiling ABC.
Additional language files will be posted here as they are made available.

The procedure for changing languages as of 2.6.9 is as follows:

  • Download a .lang file for your desired language
  • Place the file in the "lang" subdirectory under the ABC directory
    ("C:\Program Files\ABC\lang" would be the default directory)
  • Open ABC, select "Preferences" from the "Action" menu
  • Click on the "Misc." tab
  • Choose your langauge
  • Click on "Apply"
  • Close ABC
  • Restart ABC

  • NOTE (only necessary in version 2.6.9 -- 3.0 and above store priority as an integer value rather than a string):
    If you have torrents in list, their status must be updated to reflect your new choice of language.
    The easiest method it to select all torrents and click on the "Queue" icon.

(versions earlier than 2.6.9): For language packages that are not a full install package, you must install ABC english version 2.6.5 first, then download your language package, extract abc.exe, and replace your old english version of abc.exe

If you have a language file that you'd like to make available to others, please follow the following process:

I'll try to post langauge files to this page as I have time available, but this ensures that others will have access to your work right away.

As of version 3.0, all text strings displayed in ABC are now found in the language file.

A new feature in ABC 3.0 is the ability to specify a user language file and to fall back on english.lang if a text string is not found in the local language file.

With this new model, ABC will search for text strings in the following order:

  1. user.lang
  2. (a local language file, if configured to use one)
  3. english.lang

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