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I have a question that's not listed here

Try seeing if an answer to your question can be found at either of these sites:

BitTornado FAQ

Brian's BitTornado FAQ & Guide

Where do I download files?

A good place to get stared is LegalTorrents: -- they have torrents of music, films, and software available under the Creative Commons license.

Button "X" / Menu item "Y" is missing -- where did it go?

As of version 3.1, ABC now allows you to customize its toolbars and context menu. Some lesser used commands were removed from the default menus to simplify the interface for new users.

To add an icon to a toolbar, right click on the toolbar and choose "Customize Toolbar"

To add a command to the context menu, go to "Preferences", click on the "Display" section, and click on the "Customize Context Menu" button

I'm using NOD32 anti-virus and ABC freezes

Add ABC to NOD32's exclude list and it should operate normally. (This seems to be a common problem with several different anti-virus programs and BitTorrent clients in general)

How to I make ABC start minimized to tray?

To make ABC minimize to tray when starting, right-click on the shortcut for ABC and choose properties. Change the dropdown box next to "Run:" from "Normal Window" to "Minimized". (In addition, also make sure that ABC is set to show in the tray "Always" or "When Minimized")

ABC won't start

If you see the following error in abc.exe.log, then your torrent.lst file has become corrupted:
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 1169, in ?
  File "", line 1160, in run
  File "", line 1106, in __init__
  File "wx\core.pyc", line 5042, in __init__
  File "wx\core.pyc", line 4791, in _BootstrapApp
  File "", line 1110, in OnInit
  File "", line 853, in __init__
  File "", line 175, in __init__
  File "filemanager.pyc", line 108, in readList
IndexError: list index out of range

Download the latest version of ABC. Note that you may have to re-add some or all of the torrents you had loaded.

What is Web Interface Service?

Web Interfece is not Web Server. Actually it's not necessary to be Web Interface Service, you can called Remote service.This is an alpha version that allows you to manage ABC from distance. This Alpha version allows you to query current status of all torrents in ABC, add torrent and delete torrent via web. Thanks for Michel Hartmann who makes a testing web server, you can try here in pratice, you have to set default download folder so that ABC won't ask you when you add torrent from web. For web programmer or network programmer, you can implement by using this protocol.
NOTE: if you don't use this service then don't start it.

How to calculate overall maximum upload thingy ?

Let's assume :
You set maximum overall upload rate when downloading = X kB/s
You set maximum overall upload rate when no downloading = Y kB/s
If the first you have 2 seeding torrents, 1 downloading torrent
ABC will distribute ( X - used bandwidth from local setting) for 3 torrents with round-robin
And then if downloading torrent becomes seeding torrents
ABC will distribute ( Y - used bandwidth from local setting ) with round-robin to 3 torrents
But if torrent get distributed bandwidth less than 3 kB/s, it'll use 3 kB/s

What can Local Upload Setting do ?

Sometimes you want to specific upload paramaters for torrent instead of following global upload setting. remember that Local Upload setting is a temporary setting so when you close ABC and re-open it later local upload setting of each torrent will be gone AND when you set global upload setting, it will overwrite all local settings with new global upload setting.

Why when I set upload option and it doesn't do like the thing i set ?

Upload option will affect only with the torrents that don't complete yet. if you want the completed torrent to use new upload option. you have to PAUSE and change upload option and then RESUME and that torrent will take a new upload option as you set.

What is the difference between Stop and Pause ?

Pausing a torrent temporarily halts its connections and keeps it in memory. Use Pause if you only need to stop an active torrent for a few seconds.
Stopping a torrent releases all its resources and starts the next torrent if necessary. Use Stop if you intend on stopping a torrent for an extended period of time, or wish to prevent it from being started.

I want rounded buttons just like your screenshot!! How can I have that?

Heheh Thanks Paul Roberts to give me the link how to do that :) First, you should have winXP. Second, you should have Comctl32.dll version 6 (I think winXP have it). and there you go rounded buttons hehe.

What can "Current Seed/Peer" in right-click menu do?

You can say it works like Torrentspy but it display only current real seed and peer on tracker of your torrent. ABC has this option since V.2.4.2 but it shows only for active torrrent. So this new feature enable you to see even if that torrent is inactive.

What are the meanings of colours?

I use colour just like in BitTornado. So I copied his descriptions here:
  • Green : Everything goes well
  • Blue : There are no complete copies among the clients you are connected to. Don't panic, other clients in the torrent you can't see may have the missing data.
  • Yellow : You have not received any incoming connections from others. It may only be because no one has may indicate your system is behind a firewall or proxy server. Please look into routing BitTorrent through your firewall in order to receive the best possible download rate.
  • Grey : Waiting to connect to the tracker.
  • Red : You have no connections with other clients. Please be patient. If after several minutes the colour is still red, this torrent may be old and abandoned.

Can we get a x86-64 64-bit version?

Short answer: no. Long answer: not until there are x86-64 releases of Python, and wxPython, and py2exe.

How do I install ABC under Linux?

First, you have to install python and wxPython. and set your environ "BROWSER" to your browser. For example, if you use "Konqueror". in bash shell set "export BROWSER=$BROWSER:Konqueror". This will make "open destination" work. I don't know about Advanced setting, I did something mistake or my Linux is bad. I can't set anything in Advanced setting. So if you want to set advanced setting go to "abc.conf" file and set it there. Linux version is in an alpha state, and I don't have time to develope it so use it with your own risk.

What does it mean , x(y) in #peer, # seed?

X is number peer or seed that you are connecting. Y is real number of peer or seed for that torrent from tracker site. If Y is '?', it means that either tracker site of that torrent doesn't have /scrape feature or at that time have a problem to connect tracker. This status will update every 20 minutes but you can also use button "get #seed/#peer" in detail window to get it immediately (limit 1 click per 1 minute).

I don't like your icon, Can you make it better ?

I'm very bad in graphics designing. but Version 2.4 change new icon created by Kie. If you still don't like it -_-". You can change icon itself by replace icon_abc.ico with your new icon image.

Why does ABC open port 56666, is it a backdoor O_O; ?

Yes, ABC opens port 56666 but binds this port to IP: (Loopback IP). So other people can't connect to your PC via this port, don't worry. I open this port just for making a single instance program. Only one abc.exe can run at a time so if for example you add new torrent by clicking link on the torrent site. Windows will launch another abc.exe so this second abc.exe will check if there is a previous running abc.exe, if so 2nd abc.exe send .torrent location via socket port 56666 to the first running abc.exe.

What is super-seed mode ?

Reference by the Shad0w's bittorrent here. Remember super-seed mode is only if you are the first seed. if not it greatly reduces the torrent's efficiency

What can priority do ?

ABC has 5 Priorities (Highest, High, Normal, Low, Lowest). Normally when you add new torrent it will get priority "Normal". Priority is used when ABC choose next torrent to run. ABC will choose torrent that has higher priority run first.

I want "No upload option" just like old version

Sorry, the concept of Peer-to-Peer system is to SHARE. so please, at least continue upload for 30 minutes or until upload size/download size is about 50%.

I'm Lazy to add torrent manually can you do something with it ?

In ABC version 2.0 has both automatics activate when you click .torrent from web and manual add torrent :-).


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