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Change Log

Latest version of ABC is Version 3.1

Version 3.1

  • Single port core
  • Several improvements to reduce cpu usage, display flicker, and otherwise cut down on undesirable behavior
  • Some instances of 100% CPU usage bug may be fixed
  • Should be able to run as a non-admin user
  • Toolbars and context menu can now be customized
  • Torrent list colors now customizable
  • Advanced Details window
    • Now customizable
    • Separated "File Info" into "File Info" and "Torrent Info"
    • Added more information to "Torrent Info"
  • Torrent Maker
    • Added support for more fields
  • No longer scraping trackers that don't support scraping
  • Updated to Python 2.4.2
  • Updated to wxPython 2.6.1
  • Updated to py2exe 0.6.2

Version 3.0.1b

  • (3.0.1b - fixed WebService)
  • Updated to BitTornado 0.3.12 core (includes various fixes)
  • Updated to wxPython 2.6.0
  • More things can be done via menus
  • Should have slightly lower cpu usage
  • Better shutdown behavior
  • Preferences window should appear a little more quickly
  • More strings added to language file

Version 3.0

  • Download rate limiting
  • Upload Rate Manager (URM): automatically start new torrents if upload bandwidth falls below a given threshold.
  • File priority selection for multi-file torrents
  • Click on column headings to sort by that column
  • Right-click on columns to enable/disable columns
  • New preferences dialog
  • Unified torrent details window
  • Logging for torrent status messages
  • Updated webservice protocol
  • Fixes for issues reading/writing config files
  • Support for additional parameters for the BitTornado core

Version 2.6.9

  • New language file format -- it's now easier than ever to switch between languages and develop new language files for ABC
  • LOTS of Misc. bug fixes (including that nasty one in 2.6.8 when removing multiple torrents)
  • More dialogs are dynamically sized
    (text strings in languages other than English should fit better in some cases)
  • You can change Local upload settings for multiple torrents at once
  • Better duplicate torrent detection
  • Other things I've probably forgotten to mention

Version 2.6.8

  • You can now move multiple torrents at once
    (move up, move down, move to top, move to bottom)
  • Misc. bug fixes
  • Updated Preferences Dialog
  • You can now set the default priority for new torrents
  • Processor affinity should default to the first processor on multiprocessor systems
  • Client ID reports as: ABC-2.6.8 (ABC 2.6.8 BitTornado 0.2.0 based)
  • Build instructions now included with source package

Version 2.6.7

  • Now using BitTornado 0.2.0
  • Client ID reports as: ABC-2.6.7 (ABC 2.6.7 BitTornado 0.2.0 based)
  • Create Torrent fixed
  • Turning scrape on should work now
  • Build with non-unicode version of wxPython (Win98/ME should work now)
  • Uses better looking icon
  • About Box updated

Version 2.6.6-2.6.6a

  • Fixed bug in 2.6.6 that prevented Local Upload Settings dialog from appearing
  • Enlarged status bar area for Total DL/UL to fit higher speeds
  • Fixed, some bugs
  • Minimized into Tray is back
  • Display refreshes less slightly often
  • Scrape is turned off by default to ease burden on servers (can be turned on in options)
  • Smarter queue rules (doesn't queue torrents that would immediately resume)
  • Smarter upload distribution (doesn't allocate bandwidth to torrents with no connected peers)
  • Still using Shad0W's Bittorrent Core (S-5.8.11) (Update to BitTornado core coming soon)

Version 2.6.5

  • Updated, New shad0w's bittorrent core to S-5.8.11
  • Changed, Made some changes to ABC that could possibly fix several crash/lockup/freeze/etc problems.
  • Temporary Removed, Minimize to tray (will come back in 2.6.6)

Version 2.6.2 - 2.6.4a

  • Updated, New shad0w's bittorrent core
  • Added, Features in Web Interface Service
  • Fixed, Some bugs

Version 2.6.1

  • Added, Scheduler Rule menu to allow user adjust timeout rule instead of fixed value
  • Changed, using all icons from Greg Fleming

Version 2.6

  • Changed, core system to the Shad0w's bittorrent S.5-8-7 here to new feature of shad0w's
    • many bugs from previous version fixed
    • file locking implemented
    • extra checks for corrupted data
    • fixed IPv6 support
    • Including enhancement from official BT 3.3
  • Changed, If upload option is "Upload until UL/DL ratio" when re-start ABC, completed torrent that doesn't reach UL/DL ratio yet will force to queue state and waiting for seeding
  • Changed, For better solution from changed above, when you close ABC, ABC will re-order and bring completed torrent to top of the list. So when you restart ABC. completed torrent that doesn't reach
    UL/DL ratio yet will continue seeding first.
  • Changed, New seed torrent will start with share ratio 0%, instead of oo%
  • Changed, Increasing maximum share ratio rate from 200% to 500%
  • Changed, Maximum upload rate change from each torrent to overall control and now it is divided into 2 sections
    • Overall maximum upload rate when downloading
    • Overall maximum upload rate when seeding
  • Changed, Enable multiple choice in list. some options (eg. Move up, Move down etc.) that doesn't provide for multiple input, ABC will pick first of the choice to do that option.
  • Changed, GUI to more user-friendly (most of icons took from Greg Fleming
  • Added, Mechanism for temporary dead torrent (so torrent won't be blocked in ABC list):
    • If torrent can't connect to tracker within 15 minutes
    • If downloading torrent doesn't get data within 30 minutes
    • If seeding torrent doesn't send data within 1 hour
      ABC will reduce its priority and force into queue.
  • Added, with new Shad0w's BT so in advance setting in ABC allows you to set file locking and extra checking types
  • Added, "Trigger next torrent when finish seeding" checkbox in ABC Preference. If you check it ABC won't trigger next torrent until finish seeding the previous one
  • Added, On-hold status (it works the same way as pause in shad0w) it's paused but hold all resources. It's used for temporary pause so when resume, it doesn't need to checking existing data
  • Added, On-Hold All, Move to Top, Move to Bottom buttons
  • Added, New feature for Web Interface Service
    • query will return almost of information for each torrent
    • using unique key while communicating, a bit more security
    • user can set commands that allow to communicate with web
    • pause, resume, queue, clear all completed torrent is now available via web interface
  • Added, Display Web interface service status in main menu
  • Added, Choosable to display confirm dialog on exit or not
  • Added, Choosable to use "auto kick/ban" and "security" feature of shad0w's or not
  • Added, Display torrent name in ABC_TWEAK
  • Added, Reseed Resume on right-click menu, Using when resume the completed file which will skip hash checking.
  • Added, Display total upload/download speed in status bar (updated per 2 seconds)
  • Fixed, bug can't remove folder when using "Remove Torrent + File(s)" from right-click menu
  • Fixed, bug when set download default folder with folder name that contains "=".

Version 2.5

  • Changed, core system to the Shad0w's bittorrent S.5-8-3 and here are the new features of shad0w's S.5-8-3
    • Many bugs fixed -_-"
    • Improved IPV6 Support
    • Auto kick/ban IP who always send bad data to you
    • Including enhancement from official BT 3.3
  • Added, Alpha version of ABC web interface service in menu tools
  • Added, Always use auto kick/ban IP option
  • Added, "Pause All", "Unpause All" buttons
  • Added, "Remove torrent + File(s)" in right-click menu
  • Added, "Current seed/peer" in right-click menu
  • Added, Display Total DL speed and Totoal UL speed in Traytip
  • Added, Colour of active torrent for ease to see torrent status
  • Changed, Separate Torrent Details to 2 sections
    • Torrent Details and Advanced Details (Like shad0w's)
  • Changed, Allow user to set number of download simultaneous to 0 instead of "unlimited". because no one use it anyways -_-;
  • Fixed, typo (Thanks virtualspirit)
  • Fixed, Changed, minor bugs and mechanisms

Version 2.4.3

  • Sorry *sniff*, that release like 4 versions in 1 day. next time I will out beta version first. Hope it's stable now.
  • Fixed, Wrong display of Advanced Setting (Max files Open) when you set to "no limit" and then you re-open it will display "50". It works fine with your setting only wrong display. if you don't really mind it's not necessary to change to this version.

Version 2.4.2

  • Fixed, Number of real seed, peer(scrape data) of some sites display wrong and also changed implement with thread instead of waiting for result ( Protect freezing when tracker is slow) but in detail windows still use old method waiting for result.

Version 2.4.1 (Thank Jeffy who found this bugs)

  • Fixed, miss spell "Open destination"
  • Fixed, Browse button in choosing default folder isn't pop-up

Version 2.4

  • Added, "Torrent File to non-default location" button. If you use this button it will ask you where do you want to place your download file.
  • Added, Displaying real number of seed, number of peer, updating every 20 mins
  • Added, "Get #seed/#peer" button in detail windows to update real number of seed, numper of peer, immediately. (it'll do nothing if you click it more than 1 time in 1 minute)
  • Added, Checking duplicate torrent name feature
  • Added, "Change Download Destionation ..." on right-click menu. To change your torrent download destination. (Work only with inactive torrent)
  • Added, "Open Destination .." on right-click menu. For opening downloaded file.
  • Added, Some error displays, that forgot to display.
  • Added, New feature, If call abc.exe in second time, it will raise the previous one up instead of silence
  • Changed, When there is some errors of active torrent (ex: disk full, bad .torrent file) Instead of remove torrent from list, ABC will only set that active torrent to pause state.
  • Changed, "Clear all completed torrents", "Move up", "Move down" from right-click menu to buttons. For making them easier to use.
  • Changed, Seeding torrent can't change upload option. Have to pause it first and then change upload option and resume for seeding
  • Changed, Menu to more well organize (Thank ssjkakaroto)
  • Changed, Icon >_< new icon create by Kie (Thank you :-))
  • Fixed, Recording new torrent in torrent.lst right after it's added.

Version 2.3

  • Changed, ABC-Tweak to modify ABC interface on-the-fly.
  • Changed, Torrent will allocate its space only when it's active.
  • Changed, Remember Download size, Upload Size even if you pause torrent to make you get upload ratio as you want to share.
  • Changed, only 1 torrent can perform allocation,checking torrent file a time (for faster speed)
  • Moved, misc setting in menu ABC preference to Misc setting menu
  • Added, Advanced menu of the Shad0w's bittorrent in ABC preference (Advanced Setting)
    This advanced menu enable you to set up :
    • Local IP, IP to bind to, Minimum number peers
    • Allocation type, Allocation Rate
    • Max files open, Max peer connections
  • Added, Make torrent Menu
  • Added, Double click option on torrent in list to see torrent details.
  • Added, Move up, Move down, Clear all completed torrents on right-click menu.
  • Added, Drag&Drop multiple torrent files directly to ABC client.
  • Added, Display lastest ABC client version menu

Version 2.2

  • Limited maximum upload rate, now user can't set maximum upload rate less than 3kB/s
  • "Add Torrent From File" now can add multiple files at once so if you have directory that contains many torrent files. this option should help you
  • ABC_TWEAK, small utitlity to change order and display column in ABC main menu. 100 people have 100 thoughts, so customize ABC display yourself to what you want to see :-)

Version 2.1.1

  • Fixed max_uploads doesn't change when set it (Thank JAF from animesuki forums)

Version 2.1

  • Using the Shad0w's Bittorrent Experimental Core system
  • Supporting super-seed mode
  • Upload rate controlling is better than Bittorrent Experimental Core
  • Add option "manual announce", "external announce", "finish allocation" in detail menu, by using all shad0w's bittorrent core
  • Fixed bug editable in combobox to uneditable

Version 2.0.4

  • Fixed bug can't download "folder" torrent.
  • Modified bittorrent EXPERIMENTAL code for releasing file immediately when you use "remove" or "pause" operations

Version 2.0.1 - 2.0.3

  • Fixed minor bugs

Version 2.0

  • Multiple downloads in single window
  • Queueing system with priority
  • Supporing pause, resume, queue, remove operations
  • Minimize to taskbar
  • Displaying torrent details
  • Supporting global setting such as maxport, minport, maxupload, upload transfer rate
  • Supporting local setting for each torrent as well
  • Choosable upload options when download is done [unlimited, timer, sharesize]
  • Choosable number of simutaneous download
  • Choosable between download to the specific folder or always ask for the folder
  • Supporting manual adding torrent from both file and url
  • Supporting automatic adding torrent from url (when you click on .torrent file)


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